Phim hoạt hình công chúa Sofia – nàng công chúa disney | Sofia the first Genie Rules


Phim hoạt hình công chúa Sofia – nàng công chúa disney | Sofia the first Genie Rules


[Fizz: What? No, no, no, no, no, no. Okay, yeah, you got me. We’re a little understaffed. Now if this Kazeem is a fresh genie fresh out of the lamp, he probably hasn’t learned the genie rules yet.]
[Sofia: There are genie rules?]
[Fizz: Oh, you better believe there are. And without ’em, there’d be magical mayhem in the streets.]

The number one Genie rule
Without a doubt
Is you only grant wishes
To the one who lets you out

Now rule number two
Simple as can be
You can grant three wishes
That’s one, two three

Rule three
When you’re done giving wishes away
You get back in your bottle
With no delay

These are the Genie Rules
So don’t you lose control
Or you’re gonna get a visit
From the Genie Patrol

That’s me Sergent Fizz
And I know my biz
I’ll pull up on my rug
And give you a pop quiz

So all you Genies in the casbah
Don’t be fools
Just follow every one
Of my Genie Rules

[Fizz: Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to track down this Kazeem and teach him the rules before things get out of hand.]
[Sofia: But I need to get him back in his lamp and delivered to the palace before the party starts.]
[Fizz: Well, in that case, how’d you like to be my deputy?]
[Sofia: Deputy?]
[Fizz: All right, fine. Partner.]
[Sofia: Oh. Okay. So how do we find him?]
[Fizz: I’ll show you, partner.]

This is how we’re gonna
Track the genie down
We’ll hop my magic carpet
And fly around town

We’ll be ace detective
Follow every clue
Looking out for anything
Too good to be true

And when that trail of wishes
Comes to an end
We’ll have a naughty genie
To apprehend

He broke the Genie Rules

He lost all control

So he’s gonna get a visit

From the Genie Patrol

That’s Sofia and Fizz

And we know our biz

And how to fix this behavior of his

We’re gonna send him off
To Genie School
And teach him all 200

Of the Genie Rules

That’s the Genie Rules

There are that many more?

Well technecally there’s 204
They’re the Genie Rules

The Genie Rules

The Genie Rules


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