1. queen unicorn 3 says

    This scene is cute and all but when bob comes out and is surprised that jack jack had powers didn't make much sense to me because in the first movie jack jack turned into a demon baby so he knew that jack jack had powers so why was bob so surprised?

  2. Adonis Meekins says

    Man jack Jack. Is too cute

  3. Soham Santosh AUTTP ATHDTC says

    0:13 what's movie name scene incredible 2

  4. Mama Luigi says

    1:18 baby scp 457?

  5. Alejandra Vazquez says

    Me gusto cuando Jac jac aventó la mesa y la cara del mapache

  6. Hattan AlShutaifi says

    He's just a raccoon scavenging from the Parrs' trash can minding his own business, but Jack-Jack was watching a movie with an Marking robber and made a connection between the criminal's mask and the raccoon's eye markings. Being a baby, he was unable to realize that the markings did not make Rocky a criminal. However, once Jack-Jack takes heroic action against the "evil-doer", he finds that Rocky puts up a surprisingly good fight.

  7. Santiago Rodriguez says

    1:00 Imagine Captain Snowball vs. Jack-Jack Parr! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AEwGytJ-ryo&t=112s

  8. Tsipher says

    criminals and villains are gonna have their hands full with this one

  9. MercyBhk says

    Awww how cute his first enemy.! 💚

  10. Cute Krishna says

    Azubuzublablabla ❤️

  11. Sky Nyuu says

    Racoon: Oh, YoU’rE ApPrOcHiNg Me ?

  12. Compilation Queen says

    The one person Thanos will be scared of.

  13. Arianny Gonzalez says

    Everybody was dying of laughter at theater watching this scene

  14. Welcome to Katarmy says

    Awww 🥰

  15. P.V.A Studio says

    this whole scene is better then the whole movie

  16. Luigi Studios says

    Jack jack is god if he fought a super villain number one and almost won

  17. Ale Lopéz says


  18. MaskedMarvyl says

    Who else was rooting for the raccoon?

  19. Arun James says

    Baby Jack is so cute

  20. Squally Muffin says


  21. ayylmao18 says

    jack jack is gonna be so OP when he grows up LMAO

  22. Kazuaki Irie says


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