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Muscle Jerry takes on Tom after a taste of poison gone wrong!
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  1. mucacoos i says
  2. Tomáš Plánička says

    Thats how mafia works

  3. grokiz says

    Great video.

  4. Javier Rosa says

    Does anyone know the name of the song that starts at 1:05 when Jerry turns into monster Jerry?

  5. Keen Observer says

    0:000:30 professors making a difficult test

  6. Markell Simmons says

    Jerry should be called the monster mouse!!!!!

  7. Ali Aksakal says

    I will show Tom and Jerry to my future kids😀

  8. Elli says

    Jerry gets swole

  9. PolarPhantom says

    Why so many dislikes?

    Do people not like brilliance?

  10. LuxRaze says


  11. Marcia Paredes says

    basically cuphead but used invisibility and the boss are tom 1:08

  12. Emperor Llama Kuzco Atik says

    hulk jerry

  13. Markell Simmons says

    He is literally the strongest mouse in the universe!!!!!!

  14. ww2 soviet vs germany

  15. Eva Gale says

    Tom – Russia 🇷🇺
    Jerry – Croatia 🇭🇷
    Soup – Fifa 2018
    Fly – Denmark 🇩🇰
    Book- Argentina 🇦🇷

  16. Markell Simmons says

    He is a monster mouse!!!!!!!

  17. andy rew says

    witcher 1 & 2 in a nutshell. pop potions and get buff then u run out in middle of combat lol

  18. Who Tom And Jerry Very Old And New Episode

  19. Jordahgg Jotggfd says

    مشكورين الحلقات وايد جميله

  20. Treva Hicks says

    jerry is strong jerry spin tornado

  21. Catholic Piccolo says

    We all know why we came here

  22. Wkeeble12 says

    1:08 I just love the dramatic music as jerry stomps towards tom…

  23. Jurassic Otaku says

    1:05 and there… A meme was born

  24. SAMOURAY BADR says


  25. Nipponisms says

    Even after so long, this is one of the moments of the cartoon I remember very vividly.

  26. xccr says

    ultra instinct jerry

  27. GD FFranz03 says

    Jerry Ultra Instinct

  28. Michael Grinnell says


  29. Jins GotsJays says

    1:08 my favorite part

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