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It’s BBQ season and Spike got a few extra pound from eating delicious steaks all day. Now, it’s up to Tom to help his canine friend staying away from his delicious treats! Tom and Jerry TUESDAYS! A new Tom & Jerry video every Tuesday on Boomerang UK Youtube channel!
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  1. Now that's what you call a dumb cat

  2. Xane Cosmo says

    1:34 That classic laugh

  3. Daniel Boateng says
  4. liam sheldon says

    How did spike know Tom shucked his head no

  5. The tom and jerry show was better that gammel tom and jerry

  6. agustina aguirre says


  7. Rachel Bloomer says


  8. CatFox says

    You could say Spike is EXTRA THICC

  9. Kit #1 says

    What episode is this anyway? I can't find it anywhere.

  10. Ellen Grace Olesco says

    What episode?

  11. Ft. Kanat GT says

    What is last song name?

  12. maxwell says
  13. Grimm says

    Hahahah this is too good

  14. Puppy Girls says


  15. Starm-up Noelandstar says

    my favorite cartoon show

  16. Tom and Jerry is getting to old for me

  17. Caroline Stockmaier says


  18. Christian Gomez says

    somehow i feel like 1940s graphics were better

  19. Nicholas Heredia says

    1:33 The same laugh from Pesco Pest.

  20. Озорные видео says

    классно мне нравится этот мультик

  21. brady baek says

    Can you please make some more videos soon (Thx).

  22. brady baek says

    Awesome video thanks.

  23. Baby Videos says


  24. Huyen Tram Nguyen Thi says

    Hay quá

  25. MadusaNumberOne Fan says

    there's my spike

  26. keep making these videos T om and Jerry is my best programme

  27. Trarphoh says


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