Nhạc bà bầu từ 5 đến 8 tháng kích thích trí thông minh cho bé [dicungbe.com]


Lợi ích của nhạc cho bà bầu vừa giúp thai nhi phát triển tốt, khỏe mạnh và thông minh lại vừa giúp bạn thoải mái, nhẹ nhàng, tránh các áp lực tâm lí trong thai kỳ.

Thời điểm thích hợp để cho bé nghe nhạc
Theo nghiên cứu, từ tuần thứ 16 trở đi, thai nhi đã có thể cảm nhận được các âm thanh từ bên ngoài, do đó giai đoạn thích hợp để các mẹ bầu bắt đầu cho bé nghe nhạc là từ tuần thứ 16-20 trở đi.


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  1. Ali Buba says

    Very effective for babies.

  2. YungFlexxer says

    My cousin is a baby when i click this song he already sleep

  3. Moo Joo says

    Works wonders with my little girl when she dont settle 😊😊

  4. Bla Bla says

    Its so wonderful and come

  5. AMir Alhesnawi says

    My baby love ❤️

  6. あつこさん says


  7. Lewe says


  8. Ryota Kise says

    My baby love ❤️

  9. Dark Tech says

    Amazing music but I’m listening daily night for my one month old baby from 1am to 4 am it’s so relaxing 😌

  10. Boonty says

    is a beautiful melody, for a little angel,👶😘💖💖💖

  11. Douglas D. Tamplin says

    Made my baby sleep thank you

  12. Павел Кедров says

    Wonderful! <3

  13. Johnny Ironsights says

    My little meatball love it 🥰 👶🏻

  14. Muhammet Emin says

    It’s a treasure that I have found. Not only my baby it also helps me to get relaxed.

  15. Princess Roaa says

    Thank you for making this my son is sleeping after 3 hours of crying

  16. Dziki Jest Zły dzik says

    I like this song for my baby .

  17. portakal suyu says

    vvThank you this helped calm down my younger sister but my baby sister is still not asleep 😂😂💛 asdsaa

  18. myha126p says

    Its a perfect music

  19. Jikao Wamoe says

    Its really nice and very effective to sleep

  20. Very effective. My baby fell asleep while listening. But when Im about to put him in his crib, he wakes up again. Back from the start again. 😂

  21. Akhigbe Nancy says

    Nhạc du dương rất hay

  22. Bowo Kitket says

    The most touching music its so good and amazing ❤️💕💕

  23. An Optimist says

    Its so nice and beutiful sounds

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