1. Gloomy dark says

    The baker in the third story he actually was kinda cute

  2. Karen Lone Elk says


  3. Karen Lone Elk says


  4. Karen Lone Elk says


  5. Karen Lone Elk says


  6. Kacianne Partelow says

    Ya so days to what Oh great ?!😡👍🏻

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  11. Princess Nylani says

    Am I the only one who thinks of Elsa and Anna when I see Cinderella and Anastasia bond together? It is such a beautiful friendship they have, and I just love how Cinderella is the better person by being nice her. I just wish I saw a film which focused on Anastasia's relationship with the Baker and how they developed over time. Thank you for uploading this! 💖👍

  12. florence ternida says


  13. ライムセルリル says


  14. ashraf qureshi says

    This movie in Hindi ???

  15. shelbyansbree says

    That My Favorite Princess Movie i just love about

  16. Ixiy Cx says

    I love this so much but your thing is blurry.

  17. Flyy Girl says

    The palace life seems boring as fuck lol. Just like jasmine, the prince from 1997 Cinderella, & the 3 princesses from mulan 2 said; you have no life of your own, everything’s decided for you; where you go, what you do, who you see, & how you dress . The grass isn’t always greener on the other side

  18. Soni Ji says

    Translate it in hindi

  19. Cabbage Lover says

    This is basically "Belle's Magical World" crap

  20. Cabbage Lover says

    So we just got an inspiring, kind, patient woman to a whiny princess liar. This movie? Ewwwww

  21. Lila Maisa says

    I always miss this😊

  22. Londra Pourquoi says

    Omg they’re so in love I hope I find that kind of love🌹

  23. Londra Pourquoi says

    Cinderella been wearing choke collars before the trend YOU GO GIRL!!🌟🌟

  24. Sapna Heroinee says

    Kya AAP ise hindi main de sakte hai ye movie interested hai

  25. Donald Gasaway says

    We're not gonna talk about how cute cinderella and the prince are…okay just me alright

  26. Elisabeth Swan says

    Whats the song at 47:14? I would like to practice it with piano, so beautiful.

  27. Destiny Rogers says

    Any one notice how Anatasia and Cinderella switched roles in this story. Anatasia is the protagonist and Cinderella is the deutragonist.

  28. Cardi J says


  29. Wanshai Manih says

    I love this story

  30. Hareem Anwar says

    Anyone 2019

  31. Princess Angel Unicorn Lover says

    46:47 cinderella teaches us how to disobey parents

  32. Mahbubur Rahman says

    Hindi chi

  33. darmawan joko says

    😘😘😘 💖💜💜💜💖

  34. Karen Lone Elk says


  35. Julia R says

    Thank you for this! I love this movie!

  36. Gizelle Arnold says

    This movie is so sweet

  37. もちもちくらげ says


  38. WaterDragon YT says

    Ewww kissing

  39. Xai Playz says
  40. Mazharul Hassan. says

    25000 beautiful the cartoon of andala beautiful cartoon about water but but cartoons is very beautiful on the water and no but I am very happy cartoons very very interesting of Cinderella and princess of what is what princess princess is very gorgeous gorgeous and very beautiful smart beautiful small you know

  41. umme Kulsum says

    I just love Disney princess🥂🍻🎂

  42. Khadija Sehar says

    Why the book pages are blank?????

  43. Khadija Sehar says

    First se ziada acha koi part nahi he iska

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