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Jerry impersonates a evil spirit from a horror movie that Tom is watching. The poor cat never felt so scared in his life. THROWBACK THURSDAYS! A classic Boomerang show every Thursday on Boomerang UK YouTube channel
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  1. Boy Elfrain says

    1:10 WKwkwkwkkwkwkkwkwkwkwwk hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  2. Joana Viana says

    Love Love Love tom and jerry

  3. V. Sriram Sundar says


  4. Класно

  5. Andressa Pereira says


  6. Maikel Bruno says

    its very good

  7. Jesi Maxie says

    Hey I love your video and it look cool so keep it and I enjoyed watching it. 😎💖

  8. Tanvi Jambhale says

    It's not even scary 😒

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