Tom and Jerry Baby Puss, Episode 12 Part 1


Tom and Jerry is an American animated series of short films created in 1940 by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. It centers on a rivalry between its two title characters, Tom, a cat, and Jerry, a mouse, and many recurring characters.
The plots of each short usually center on Tom’s (the cat) numerous attempts to capture Jerry (the mouse) and the mayhem and destruction that ensues. Since Tom rarely attempts to eat Jerry and because the pair actually seem to get along in some cartoon shorts it is unclear why Tom chases Jerry so much. Some reasons given may include normal feline/murine enmity, duty according to his owner, Jerry’s attempt at ruining a task that Tom is entrusted with, revenge, Jerry saving other potential prey (such as ducks, canaries, or goldfish) from being eaten by Tom or competition with another cat, among other reasons.


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  1. wolfx Gaming says


  2. Paul Gamer28 says

    0:50=)))) 🙂 O:)O

  3. Sahra Addow says

    If you're still watching in 2020 hit like button

  4. MUKTAR Abdul Haq says


  5. ルーミア says


  6. Khushi Khushi says

    2:00 😂😂

  7. Destroyer Dog says

    2:44 fucking execution right there

  8. Nero Alomari says

    Do you recommend getting married at the age of 20?

  9. Xinh Phạm says
  10. Han Gyo Jin says

    Honestly that little girl is annoying

  11. NYCTMTA KID says

    2:00 Thus a meme was born

  12. joyunicycle says

    Someone needs to fire the "babysitter".

  13. عبدو التركي says

    عربي عراقي بغدادي مدريدي

    مر من هنا

  14. 1nlillatiger says

    Like the song makes me cry at the beginning

  15. 1nlillatiger says

    My grandma loves this show from Sweden and I like this here in New York I like this baby Tom pussy cat I like jerry in the shower lol so funny this is

  16. Mari A. says

    El grito de Jerry lo es todo XD

  17. Rodrigo Rodriguez Avila says

    when you hit yourself in front of girls and this is want you want to say 2:05

  18. DustinCarl YT says

    If Baby Puss Was The Title Then This Y Happens

    Pussy – WaTaFok Is This

  19. Pizzaピザ says


  20. I lost my phone says

    DECEMBER 29, 2019

  21. xari the heckling says

    2:21 Not gonna lie, this scene felt cute af.

  22. 寺西智之 says


  23. kusuma Gunji says

    I want Home like Jerry's one😃😃😃

  24. HB twins says

    The thumbnail tho

  25. cannelle rouleau says

    Lol 2:05

  26. prinsez babra ii says


  27. Nasywa Salsabila says

    My favorite episode:")

  28. Victor Flores says


  29. Elizabeth Engracio says

    I miss this 😭😭😭😭😭😭 I was probably about 3 last time I watched this 🙁

  30. Michael De Santa says

    I miss my childhood.

  31. Linda Kelmendi says

    My Brother was always Tom and i was Jerry 😂 Miss the old times😭

  32. ekffk sksms says

    어릴때 재밌게봤었는데ㅠ

  33. Kally_ OwO says


  34. Augusto Alvarez says

    2:14 MAMA

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  36. Freddy A says
  37. Freddy A says

    castor oil

  38. Freddy A says

    My childhood

  39. Shinning Pearl says


  40. Thalia Rodriguez says

    I love you max get a hffffffffffffffffffffffffffffcc🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🐈🐱💓❣💌💤💤💤cat juga

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