Tom and Jerry, 35 Episode – The Truce Hurts (1948)


The short three-minute fragment from series is a 1948 one-reel animated cartoon and is the 35th Tom and Jerry cartoon released. It was produced in Technicolor and released to theatres on July 17, 1948 by Metro-Goldwyn Mayer. The title is a pun on the phrase “The truth hurts”.
Interesting facts:
In the cartoon “Matinee Mouse” have added a new moment in which Tom, Jerry and Spike stopped the battle and look with movie theater screens on fighting Tom and Jerry.

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  1. 😂😂😂

  2. 시현 says


  3. Vea Sna says


  4. BlitzTheArk HD says

    118 million views? I thought a music or viral video could go up that much?

  5. Sneaks Cowboy says

    Spike’s share was the fairest tbh
    Atleast tom and jerry would’ve eaten a good amount lol

  6. WinginWolf says

    Spike was reasonable until he gave Tom just the bone lol.

  7. Rizz says

    It's sad to see that with time people are more and more intolerant. During my childhood it was a cartoonamd nobody cared about blackfacing.

  8. Joker says

    0:54 I legit don't remember black face being in this episode

  9. Imtiyaaz Davids says

    Don't lie.. Who wanted a piece of that steak tho

  10. Excali BirB says

    Now we all know who is the greediest

  11. SeFu2006 says

    The steak always looked so good

  12. tempting Baguio says

    1948 ??! Damn those animation is so beautiful than today

  13. Dankest Weeb says

    0:48 me and the boys failing a class together

  14. Ri - says

    This is real life

  15. Saurabh Shukla says

    I thought all of y'all would be talking about 0:56
    You guys see the joke? (albeit very sensitive)

  16. Hinoarashii says

    That was really disrespectful of Spike to give Tom the bone of the steak like that

  17. gibbs615 says


  18. Marco Cruz says

    1:54 😂

  19. And why food in tom and jerry make me still hungry

  20. German_Lad 77 says

    That's the stretchiest road steak I've ever seen.

  21. Emman_ KO says

    Okay im so old for this but still love it

  22. Matt D says

    0:38 what a freeze frame lmao

  23. wolfperloss says

    they was fighting over the meat , they being broken because of the meat

  24. MIKE KOMIS says

    When you mother say that you must stay in diet 1:57

  25. Kelli Vincent says

    0:43 Avengers theme intensifies

  26. Venus Momo says

    OK, did that other dog wanted to eat Tom?

  27. Alexander Tsynkov says

    2:38 pennywise got a steak

  28. Alexander Tsynkov says

    1:18 this is actually a fair distribution. I mean Jerry is tiny, and spike is massively bigger than Tom.

  29. Nguyễn Duy says

    Now i know that dog can eat cat, lol

  30. Dragan Veljovic says

    The comments of this video:
    90% how old are they when whatching this episode
    50% allies deviding germany after ww2
    5% blackface
    3% song from wizard from oz
    2%moments of the video

  31. Mathias Castillo Encinas says

    YouTube recommended me this just before I see 10 hours of 2:54

  32. FacelessNas 64 says

    Pennywise:Where da fuck did this steak come from?

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